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Take control of your data to zero in on threats.  The Verint Intelligence Fusion Center provides a cross-source / cross-format single point of access to ALL data to enable enterprise-wide investigation, management and analysis.

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Verint Intelligence Fusion Center

All your data is fused into one actionable knowledge repository

Verint Intelligence Fusion Center (IFC) enables security organizations to zero-in on threats by integrating and analyzing virtually all types of information: COMINT, SIGINT, OSINT, HUMINT, border control, bank accounts,  and much more.  No matter what is the source or even the format of the data, Verint IFC’s single point of access enables you to connect all the dots. Identify criminal activity, unusual routines and suspicious behavior from even apparently unrelated data and events.

Build New Horizons of Intelligence

  • See the Full Investigation Picture - driven by a single-point of access to all your knowledge
  • Reveal Previously Unobtainable Insights -  by connecting events, persons, locations & associations
  • Accelerate Your Decision Making – with Intelligence-led workflows and recommendation methods
  • Promote Greater Synergy Among Teams - thanks to a collaborative work environment
  • Safely Preserve Your Knowledge –  with highly secured information management mechanisms

Key Capabilities

  • Central Knowledge Discovery -Interfaces with multiples types of data sources and applies generic and configurable transformation, enrichment and processing steps to translate inputs into clear, usable intelligence.
  • Entity-driven -Information is represented as intelligence-specific entities, attributes and relations. Entity resolution algorithms are applied to transform the data into knowledge.
  • Intelligence-led analytics -Search & research tools reveal hidden relations, potential threats, probable suspects, patterns and trends.  These are complemented by a BI platform that provides optional routes of investigation for additional insights.
  • Secureinformation sharing and dissemination – Secure information management and case management policies ensure full compartmentalization as well as safe collaboration tools for reporting, alerting, dissemination and data export.
  • SIGINT & WEBINT ready –Being part of the Verint’s Cyber Intelligence solution portfolio the system is ready to get feeds from Verint’s SIGINT and WEBINT solutions and leverage natural product integration.
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